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The Diaper Bag Is In Nevada…

So I get home from work on Friday and start packing for our frequent trip to California to see my family…this time the trip marks a special day, my mommy’s birthday!  I start packing for the baby, while daddy packs his stuff and the baby luggage, then I start on my stuff.  I slowly pile the bags into the living room for daddy to pack the car.  As we are getting ready to go I go over the check list in my head… Continue reading


Who are you?

Lately I have been thinking about … who is it that I really am and who is it that I want to be?  With all the new journeys I am on I somewhat lost sight of myself.  In order to take my career and life to the levels I want I have to figure out who it is I am, so after sitting and thinking for awhile I thought of who I am and who I want to be… Continue reading

Traveling with a Baby Part 2

Do you remember those screaming kids on the place?  You listen to them cry as you quietly think to yourself, why don’t their parents make them stop crying.  I have spent many flights irritated because I was listening to crying babies, didn’t the parents realize I was trying to sleep, or trying to do homework?  Well fast forward a couple years and here I am about board a four hour flight with an 11 week old… Continue reading

Traveling with a Baby Part 1

Traveling with a baby.  Sounds easy right?  HAHA You are kidding yourself if you think that.  I am about to take my 11 week old baby on a four hour flight to visit family, when I booked the tickets I did not know what I was signing up for! I decide to carry the baby in my lap so I don’t have to pay for an extra ticket so that means dad gets two bags, mom gets two bags, baby gets a car seat and stroller. Five days of stuff, that many bags, no problem.  Oh wait one problem the baby requires A LOT of stuff. Continue reading