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Power Heels or Ugg Boots?

So my friend brought up a thought when we were talking about parenting, are you a power heel kind of mom or an Ugg boot kind of mom, or a mixture of both?  You see the Rachel Zoe’s of the world that rock their power heels and do everything while there pregnant.  Then you see the Kate Hudson’s of the world that lay low in their Ugg boots enjoying the pregnancy and motherhood.  So which one are you?  Which one do you want to me? Continue reading


Time for the Crib…

Exhausted has become a word that understands how I feel.  Lately I have been feeling like I am running on empty … work, school, homework, baby, house, baby starting to teeth … sleep has become an old distant friend. So this week we decided to take charge and change the sleeping patterns of the baby (with hopes we actually have some say when and how long he sleeps)

We decided we wanted our bed back… Continue reading