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Power Heels or Ugg Boots?

So my friend brought up a thought when we were talking about parenting, are you a power heel kind of mom or an Ugg boot kind of mom, or a mixture of both?  You see the Rachel Zoe’s of the world that rock their power heels and do everything while there pregnant.  Then you see the Kate Hudson’s of the world that lay low in their Ugg boots enjoying the pregnancy and motherhood.  So which one are you?  Which one do you want to me? Continue reading


What do you Want?

Following up on yesterday’s blog I was still thinking, what is it that I want from life?  In order to be successful in my professional or personal life I must figure out what it is I really want, what I want from others and what I want from myself. Those are a few things I came across… Continue reading

Who are you?

Lately I have been thinking about … who is it that I really am and who is it that I want to be?  With all the new journeys I am on I somewhat lost sight of myself.  In order to take my career and life to the levels I want I have to figure out who it is I am, so after sitting and thinking for awhile I thought of who I am and who I want to be… Continue reading

Is there enough time to be “mom”?

Lately I have been feeling like I am a bad mom … I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what it is that has been making me feel like that because I know I am not a bad mom.  After spending some time in my own head I began to put the words “bad mom” and “not enough time” together. 

Let me run you through my typical day… alarm goes off a 5:30, get ready leave for work by 6:40 get off work around 3:30 get home by 4:00 then leave for school by 4:50 and return home between 8:00-10:00 depending on the night.  So where does my son fit in there?  Most nights I get home and he is already sleeping, most mornings he wakes up as I am leaving so that leaves the hour I have between work and school … so what happens when I get home and I’m holding him and he starts crying… he won’t stop, isn’t a mom supposed to calm her child?  But all he wants is his dad (his dad stays home and takes care of him all day. Hence trigger the “bad mom” feeling… Continue reading

I’m Going to Bed and… There are Dishes in the Sink

I am going to bed and there are dishes in the sink, that is never a sentence I thought I would say.  Everyone told me when you become a mother your priorities change, houses become messy, laundry get piled up and you WILL go to bed when there are still dishes in the sink.  I laughed everyone off and thought no way, that is so not me, I always get the laundry done, the house picked up and most of all I never went to bed if there was dishes in the sink.

Even days after bringing my newborn home and having had major surgery from delivering him c-section I was up doing laundry and cleaning the room.  I got in trouble by my doctor and scolded by those around me for trying to clean when I was supposed to be in bed or spending time with my baby, but I kept telling everyone you don’t understand I HAVE to clean the house!! Continue reading