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What do you Want?

Following up on yesterday’s blog I was still thinking, what is it that I want from life?  In order to be successful in my professional or personal life I must figure out what it is I really want, what I want from others and what I want from myself. Those are a few things I came across… Continue reading


What Keeps You Going?

What keeps you going when you feel like you can’t do anymore?  Let me give a quick rundown of my life, I work a career job m-f, go to school m-th, and work a second job Sunday nights. Oh an somewhere in there manage to find time to raise my son and do all the daily house chores and life errands.  So when Sunday night rolls again and I am exhausted and I have just gotten home from being on my feet for five hours and I still homework what do I do?

Well lets be honest, I want to crawl in bed with son and dream of how fast the hours pass until morning comes and start it all over again.  But instead … Continue reading