Motherhood is Not for the Weak

Four months in and I’ve learned everyday is a new challenge… on Saturday we celebrated four months of parenthood.  No matter what you prepare for or what others tell you the journey of parenthood can not be explained.  Here’s a few of the things I have learned so far … Continue reading


Dear Pregnant Me

If only I had known …

Dear Pregnant Me,

You will get emotional.

You will crave meat (even though you’re a vegetarian).

Take that back you will crave McDonald’s cheeseburgers.

You will have the biggest scare of your life at 9 weeks.

You will survive through it with a healthy baby. Continue reading

One Year Ago…

One year ago I was sitting around with friends drinking a green beer … no care in the world, life was great, life was easy …

Little did I know it was about to change! Continue reading

Time for the Crib…

Exhausted has become a word that understands how I feel.  Lately I have been feeling like I am running on empty … work, school, homework, baby, house, baby starting to teeth … sleep has become an old distant friend. So this week we decided to take charge and change the sleeping patterns of the baby (with hopes we actually have some say when and how long he sleeps)

We decided we wanted our bed back… Continue reading

I Needed My Cat to Teach Me Not to Stress…

So I spent the better part of my day looking for my lost cat … again.  As if my days aren’t filled with enough between work, school, baby and household chores now my cat got out again…UGH! So here I am stressing all day about him being lost outside (keep in mind he’s a spoiled indoor cat) and that it is cold and he hasn’t eaten.

I get home from work and we decided to go around the neighbor on one last attempt to try and find him before the rain starts coming down harder… Continue reading

Brand Yourself with a GREAT Title

So some of you might have noticed I have been changing the title of my blog like crazy…trying to find the title that was just perfect for me and a URL that was not taken.  So I have finally found it … Deadlines, Diapers, and Dior… now you might ask why that?  What does that mean? Continue reading

What do you Want?

Following up on yesterday’s blog I was still thinking, what is it that I want from life?  In order to be successful in my professional or personal life I must figure out what it is I really want, what I want from others and what I want from myself. Those are a few things I came across… Continue reading