Nothing fascinates and interests me more than the business world, the numbers behind it and how it all works. In college I started my career in the finance industry and the experience I have gained since then has helped me see how important finance is to a company.

I earned my undergraduate degree at California State University, Chico, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Accounting and minor in Business Marketing. In May 2011 I will obtain my Master’s of Business Administration with emphasis in Finance from the University of Nevada, Reno, where I will graduate with honors. 

My coursework has focused heavily on developing, promoting and expanding businesses, which enabled me to develop strong analytical and organizational skills. In addition to my required coursework, I completed a pseudo business company. My responsibilities included creating a business plan, submitting financial statements, and running a company for an entire semester.  Creating and running my pseudo company not only helped prepare me for the real business world, but gave me a better understanding of everything it takes to keep a business successful. I learned to prioritize tasks, accomplish goals under tight deadlines, and work successfully in a team environment.

After graduating in May of 2006, I have successfully worked in the finance field. I currently work in the construction industry where I am responsible for all the accounting, finance and HR duties.  I came to this company at a time when the construction industry was at an all time low and overhead outweighed income, leaving a cash balance with numerous past due accounts.  I am helping implement new systems to ensure all accounts get paid in a timely manner, provide better communication, make certain mechanical liens are in place and help build a better company.  I work closely with the owners of the company to develop new spreadsheets, contracts, and business plans and I perform responsibilities including internal, vendor, and executive relations.  I utilized my communications skills while working with clients and agents throughout the state.

I possess the passion, energy, maturity, professionalism, and skills required to work in any organizational setting.  Where each opportunity helps me gain knowledge and experience, strengthen my leadership skills, and provide me with the ability to help others.


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