I grew up in El Dorado Hills, a small town outside of Sacramento, California.  At 17 I spread my wings and moved to San Diego, California for the wonderful experience college brings.  After a few years I decided to go back to that small town feel and moved to Chico, California to complete my Bachelor’s Degree.

I have only begun to see a glimpse of life and experience the highs and lows life has to offer.  In the past couple years my life has been a rollercoaster ride.  For as long as I can remember I had my life planned and I thought I knew exactly what I wanted. After 22 years of planning my life, I woke up one day and decided it was nothing i wanted, so i walked away from everything. My friends, my job, my whole life.  Now I have realized I don’t want anything planned, I want to create life as I go. I want to change my dreams and create new ones. I am much happier now.

Growing up, I really disliked my sister.  We did not get along and the only reason we talked was because we were forced to. Now, I would give anything in the world for her. She is my best friend, my inspiration and my other half. My world would not exist without her. I am identical to my mother. Scary? Yes sometimes, but she is my foundation and she has picked up me up more times than I can count.  From the day I was born I was a daddy’s girl. I still am. When nothing goes right all I want is my daddy. He always makes my world perfect again. He is my hero.   I have a brother-in-law who is fighting for our country. He got deployed for 7 long months.  He’s the bravest man I know. I am very close to my aunt in Texas. I can tell her anything and I talk to her at least every other day. She is my hero. I miss her so much.  My three cousins in Texas are my world, they mean more to me than words.

I have learned having a handful of great friends is better than a bunch of fake friends. The friends I still have in my life are easy to describe. Amazing.

I have a wonderful man that changed my entire world and he has given me the biggest joy of my life.  I am the mother to a beautiful baby boy, he lights up my life.

I have a puppy and two kittens that I love more than anything. Bella, Zoro and Zoe. It makes my heart melt everytime I get home and they are so excited to see me.

I MUST have coffee everyday. I am very addicted. Bad habit, yes, but I wouldn’t change it.  I am very afraid of the dark and I hate being home alone at night, but I love it during the day.  I randomly decide to be a vegetarian for periods of time. I like the change.  I want to travel and see the entire world before I die.  I have always gotten everything I wanted, so when something does not go my way I struggle with it. I have been told that’s called spoiled. I believe it is determination. I do not settle, I never will settle.

Along with working full-time, finishing my MBA and being a mom to a newborn I still have the tasks of everyday life to worry about as well.  My hope is I can help moms who are trying to do it all as I am by sharing what I’ve learned and what I experience on this chaotic adventure!
Feel free to share your thoughts, comments and stories with me!

Where you can find me: http://about.me/jessplassmeyer


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