Laid Back Parenting Style (Part 2)

Okay so for part two of my parenting styles I have noticed the some parents, especially new moms are the complete opposite of the domineering style and are in a sense “push-overs.”  These types of personalities seem to be so laid back they allow all those around them to tell them how to parent and let others decide what’s best for their child.

I often wonder if the reason parents let others tell them what to do and how to do is because they are afraid?  Maybe afraid the decisions they make for their child aren’t good enough?  Or maybe they are afraid to make the wrong decision?

I see relatives interacting with a baby and pushing the parent out of the way so they can change the diaper the right way or taking that toy from them because they shouldn’t put anything in their mouth.  Telling them that their child should not eat that for whatever reason and the parents just step aside and follow suit by what is being told to them.

 As I am trying to tackle the parenting world (which I am not sure I will ever conquer!) I am trying to find my place and what parenting techniques are best for my life.  So if you are a parent that allows others to tell you how to parent why is that?  Is it out of fear?  Is it because they do know what’s best? Is it because it is easier?  Is there a point where you stop taking advice?

Some days I begin to wonder if I will ever find the right parenting technique for my baby, or if I will parent him a certain now and as he gets older change the way I parent.  Some days every technique seems overwhelming and I wonder if the parenting thing will ever  become easy!


One response to “Laid Back Parenting Style (Part 2)

  • Jessica

    If someone wants to take over and change my kid’s diaper, I will gladly let them. I’m all for someone else doing the dirty stuff. But I don’t want any lessons on the proper way to do it because I won’t listen and I don’t care.

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