Motherhood Kicked My Butt

So there comes a point in life sometimes where you have to be brutally honest with yourself.  And today I have reached that point…  Motherhood is kicking my butt.  Big time.  As hard as it is to admit there was a point in pregnancy that I thought this is easy, I can do it, motherhood can’t be that hard.

Little did I know what I was about to jump into…

Everything in my life I have tackled, completed and survived through the journey, and I know I will be the same with being a mom.   But when it comes to being honest, this week has kicked my butt big time.

It started at the beginning of the week when the baby had a fever; he was super angry and crying, a lot.  More than normal.  Based on all his signs we put the symptoms and anger to teething.  So night after night my good friend sleep was coming around less and less. Fail.

Thursday rolls around and the little one has a check up to get his shots, but the dr had something else in store for us…double ear infections.  Great what mom doesn’t know when her baby has an ear infection, not just one, but two.  Major Fail.

Later that night I am trying to give him his medicine and he spits it out and it goes everywhere, including all over the light carpet and keep in mind its bright pink.  Fail.   Then the next day the little one has side effects to his medicine and explodes through his diaper.  On the bed.  Then on the couch. Then in his crib. Fail. Fail. Fail.

Saturday morning rolls around, my day to get up with him.  He is awake at 630 and is angry.  Two hours later he is still angry and I cannot calm him down.  Daddy wakes up and 5 minutes later buddy is laughing.  Fail.

So I throw the towel in for parenting this week.  And I will be the first to say, motherhood is kicking my butt this week, BIG TIME!!  Sometimes in life when it rains it pours and all you can do is take the rain with a smile and a great big glass of wine!


8 responses to “Motherhood Kicked My Butt

  • Tiffany

    I’m right there with you Jess! Adding school into the mix certainly does not help. My guy had double ear infections last week too and I have had a sinus infection + bronchitis for the past few weeks. Hang in there! 🙂

    • jessplassmeyer

      Tiffany- sometimes I wonder how I make it through the day! So glad someone else feels my week of defeat!! I hope your little one gets better soon! And you’re amazing for doing work school and baby!

  • Alison

    It will get better and easier! And when he smiles at you, it’s all worth it!

    Found you through Bloggy Moms 🙂

  • sharonmarkovsky

    You are an AWESOME mom! I have been exactly where you are. I know how hard it is. I disagree with the word Fail… It should be LEARN. Much like everything in life…it’s a learning process. My son had acid reflux at a very early age so he didn’t sleep much at all…so neither did I. I was so angry with him for not sleeping. And of course I felt so guilty about the angry. It was a learning process….and the great part is it gets easier. It really does. I promise. 🙂


  • Courtney

    Jess you are an amazing Mom. I don’t even know you deal with this on a day-to-day basis. I love my nephew sooo much, but I am definitely not ready to raise him and I am so happy you are there to ensure he is given an amazing life and is loved more than ever!! I love you all and hang in there because I know you are a fighter and can get through anything.

  • jessplassmeyer

    Allison – thanks for reading and finding me! And you are so right when I see his cute little smile I feel so much better!

    Sharon – I sure hope is gets easier! I know what you mean when you say you get angry but then feel guilty for being angry, I have the same feelings. I know that being a mother is a long learning process but somedays I wish I learned quicker because sometimes I feel like I can get nothing right!

    Court – as soon as his gets old enough hes going to go visit his aunt for the weekend! Thanks for the constant support, I don’t know how I would make it through any of this without you! You help make every day brighter, love you lots.

  • Jessica

    I have had many fails as a mom. It’s just part of the experience. You are still a great mom despite this last week.

    Anytime you want a wine drinking partner just let me know.

  • jessplassmeyer

    Jessica – Thanks for the support and I will def take you up on the wine drinking partner 🙂

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