Power Heels or Ugg Boots?

So my friend brought up a thought when we were talking about parenting, are you a power heel kind of mom or an Ugg boot kind of mom, or a mixture of both?  You see the Rachel Zoe’s of the world that rock their power heels and do everything while there pregnant.  Then you see the Kate Hudson’s of the world that lay low in their Ugg boots enjoying the pregnancy and motherhood.  So which one are you?  Which one do you want to me?

When I was pregnant I rocked my baby bump while still wearing the heels and maintaining the career role.  On the weekends I would get up and do my hair and makeup and get “dressed up” to go run errands.  I wore the pregnancy glow proud while still keep my “Dior” style.  I thought for sure I was a Rachel Zoe mom.

A year later and I have a 4month old….so quickly how things change.  I soon became to play the Kate Hudson role more and more, first I put it to the fact I had just had a C-Section then quickly landed back in the hospital with complications so quite frankly all the fit me were my Uggs and I could barely move which limited my desire to even search my closet for my power heels.  As the pregnancy recovery passed I sought out my power heels once again … I returned from maternity leave ready for the Rachel Zoe look.  Until…

Until I woke up one morning and realized that sleepless nights are what my future held and I valued my sleep more than I valued my long hair full of perfect curls and my make up always in place.  The Ugg boots soon became an everyday thing because I learned as much as I loved the Rachel Zoe part of me, my life had changed and I had to change and adapt with it.

So now I have hung up my power heels and rock the Ugg boots, I realized that as I started to tackle the journey of motherhood that not only was my daily routine changing, but so was I.  But no worries I still have my power heels in my closet and every once in awhile I pull them out and rock the world!


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