The Diaper Bag Is In Nevada…

So I get home from work on Friday and start packing for our frequent trip to California to see my family…this time the trip marks a special day, my mommy’s birthday!  I start packing for the baby, while daddy packs his stuff and the baby luggage, then I start on my stuff.  I slowly pile the bags into the living room for daddy to pack the car.  As we are getting ready to go I go over the check list in my head…

  • Diapers – Check
  • Clothes – Check
  • Blankets – Check
  • Toys – Check
  • Stroller – Checks
  • Wipes – Check
  • Pacy – Check
  • Formula – Check
  • Extra bottles – Check
  • Baby Power – Check
  • Bath Stuff – Check

Wonderful we have it all!  We get to California and are unpacking the bags and when we get there the little monster decided to bake us a nice surprise.  So I take him upstairs to change him, I start rummaging through all the stuff looking for the diapers and wipes …

“Ummm Daddy did you bring all the bags upstairs??”  I hear and yes why what are you looking for … Ummm the diaper bag?!  Oh ya the diaper I know where that is … its in the living room back in Nevada!!

So after finding some emergency diapers and wipes that were stored at my mom’s house we make it through the diaper change with some laughter at the forgetfulness parenthood brings!

After this weekend my advice to all parents out there is have an emergency kit in the car with diapers, wipes, extra clothes, and a bottle ready to be made … because you never know when parenthood might get the best of your memory and that really cute Coach diaper bag will be left sitting all alone in the living room a state away!


4 responses to “The Diaper Bag Is In Nevada…

  • ashleycray

    Good thing he waited until you got to the house to make a stinker! And good think you were able to laugh it off – I think that’s all you can do sometimes 🙂


  • Asta Burrows

    I am glad you managed to laugh about it, I might not have been able to! In my house I seem to be the one who is in charge of packing everything for the lad, as even when the dad was on his ‘daddy-leave’ for four months he would manage to leave the house without nappies (he would take the nappybag, but assume that I had made sure it was packed, not thinking that I was at work all day and hadn’t used the nappybag for weeks!) 🙂

  • Jessica

    You are so lucky your mom had extra diapers and wipes at her house. My mom never had those. Every time I go to CA to visit my family I buy a box of diapers and a new container of wipes to take with us in addition to what I have in the diaper bag.

  • jessplassmeyer

    Ashley – I agree sometimes all you can do is laugh it off, stressing does no good!

    Asta – Yes sometimes daddy is like that here too … oh I thought you knew we were on our last diapers, and I laugh and say yes the baby called to tell me at work! Sometimes all you can do is laugh!

    Jessica – I think I have stocked my moms house pretty well because over Christmas we forgot everything for the baby!!! (I blame daddy I was still recovering from my c section haha) So now grandmas house has at least one of everything enough to make it to the store!

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