Parenting Teamwork

So the last night I get home and realize out of the past four nights the baby has been asleep when I get home and I start feeling bad that I am not doing enough when it comes to raising him, that I am not there enough, that I am in a sense slacking …

I get in my mopey mood where I feel like a bad mom and that I don’t do enough for him. So it triggers the conversation once again with my boyfriend that I am a good mom even though I haven’t been there to put him to bed and that I am not around for a good portion of the day. He said something that got me thinking …

parenting is teamwork. I started to think about it and realized he is so right, if it wasn’t for him I don’t know how I would manage work, school and a baby. Yet if it wasn’t for me going to work everyday I don’t know how we would manage to pay our bills. The same goes true for school and work, in order to truly succeed you must know how to make teamwork work. How to succeed in a team and have a game plan to use a team to accomplish what you need. Because the reality is there are tons of things we want to accomplish in life but most of the time we need help from others to get to the end.

 So a big thanks to my boyfriend who helps make parenting seem so easy sometimes, and even though I miss putting our sweet baby to bed some nights I know I do my share to ensure his bright future.

What teamwork tactics to you have to help make parenting easier?


7 responses to “Parenting Teamwork

  • Ash

    I have SO been here, and still have moments. The older he gets, you will learn how to maximize your time with him (and bf) and adjust what you can adjust. One day, your little one will stay up a little later, and be there waiting, in jammies, for your good night kiss. Good luck! This too, shall pass.

  • jessplassmeyer

    Ash – I can not wait until that day when he is old enough to be waiting by the door when I get home!! 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

  • Jessica

    What a great boyfriend you have!

    In our house my husband takes care of the discipline and I am the nice one. Not sure if this is teamwork or not but it works for us.

  • Bret Simmons

    Is your boyfriend also the father? Not trying to be personal, just an interesting observation for me (thinking about future blog posts). If he is the father, why do you think of you as mom but not him as dad. If he is not the father, then what is it about this guy that causes him to do such great things for you and your child? Blog post fodder…. 🙂

  • By Word of Mouth Musings

    You sound as tho you are doing a fab job keeping it together on every front … keep up the good work and give yourself a pat on the back 🙂

  • jessplassmeyer

    Bret – Yes he is the father! The funny thing is last night he said the same thing and I replied with, everyone knows you’re the father! But re-reading it I can get where if you didn’t know us you wouldn’t know for sure! So for the record my wonderful boyfriend is also the amazing father of our sweet son!! Thanks for the feedback 🙂

    By Word of Mouth Musings – thank you so much for the comment and kind words, it’s always a boost to hear that!

  • jessplassmeyer

    Jessica – Yes I am very lucky that he is able to stay home with the baby! A little bit jealous but very lucky!! I have already told him that he has to be the mean one because I don’t think I can ever discipline him!!

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