One Year Ago…

One year ago I was sitting around with friends drinking a green beer … no care in the world, life was great, life was easy …

Little did I know it was about to change!

One year ago I did not know that green beer I was drinking would be my last taste of alcohol for a while for a long 9 months to come.   Had I know I might have taken an extra minute to enjoy the cold taste and the simplicity of my life because I was about to find out it was all changing…

A year ago we took that test and saw those two pink lines…at that moment we looked at each other and knew life was about to change, it was no longer you and me, it now was going to be us, us as a family.

I felt every emotion in the books fill over me, tears of fear and joy starting falling, I was going to be a mother.  We called the doctor the following day and anxiously await that appointment that was three weeks away.   In the following three weeks I was a wreck…what was that, was that the baby, is the baby okay, did I hurt it, can I eat this, can I do that.  I was a basket case.

Finally the day arrived …

We went to the doctor and waited as she brought this small image up on the screen and waited…

She finally confirmed it … you are having a baby!!



And just like that we were given the greatest gift in life and learned some of the greatest things in life are the most unexpected.


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