Time for the Crib…

Exhausted has become a word that understands how I feel.  Lately I have been feeling like I am running on empty … work, school, homework, baby, house, baby starting to teeth … sleep has become an old distant friend. So this week we decided to take charge and change the sleeping patterns of the baby (with hopes we actually have some say when and how long he sleeps)

We decided we wanted our bed back…

So off to the crib the baby was to go, we decided this was the week that Cayden would get the experience of sleeping in his own bed.  We decided on a bed time of 8:30 hoping by 9 he would be asleep. 

Night 1 – it went great! He only fussed for about 5-8 minutes before his sweet little eyes closed and he slept six hours, ahhh six hours of sleep what an amazing feeling!

Night 2 – I was thinking this is a piece of cake, but I forgot to mention I was in the shower the night before so I didn’t have to listen to him cry (when he cries I just want to hold him forever). So night 2 came and it broke my heart to listen to him cry…

Night 3 – I did a little better but I could still feel my heart aching as I heard his little cries.

I just goes to show that you are in control of what you want, aka wanting my bed back and some hours of peaceful sleep, but doesn’t mean it will always be easy.  I know as a parent it was the right thing to do for him to start sleeping in his crib (and me to regain the bed back) but hearing his cry did not make it easy. 

Here’s to strength to make it through Night 4…

How did it go when you decide to move your baby to the crib?  Any advice?


3 responses to “Time for the Crib…

  • Lindsey

    My nine-month old still cries a little every naptime and bedtime. I know he’s going to make it, so I don’t get worked up about it 😉 It sounds like you’re doing a good job.

    Nice blog name change, by the way!

  • Jessica

    I was terrible at putting my kids in the crib. I didn’t even try until they were 6 months old so they cried for a long time. Eventually, they got the best of me and my oldest slept with me until she was 2 1/2 and my youngest is still in the bed and she is 22 months. My advice is to stick with it.

  • jessplassmeyer

    Lindsey – thank you!! Its a struggle but we are getting there!

    Jessica – I gave in last night and he slept in the bed with us … its so hard when he is crying I just want to snuggle him!!

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