I Needed My Cat to Teach Me Not to Stress…

So I spent the better part of my day looking for my lost cat … again.  As if my days aren’t filled with enough between work, school, baby and household chores now my cat got out again…UGH! So here I am stressing all day about him being lost outside (keep in mind he’s a spoiled indoor cat) and that it is cold and he hasn’t eaten.

I get home from work and we decided to go around the neighbor on one last attempt to try and find him before the rain starts coming down harder…

We circle the whole complex with a flashlight and my frantically calling, “Zoro, come here Zor.”  As we get back near our house I feel defeated and I am really upset because I think he is gone.  Then out of no where a lady comes up and says are you looking for a cat, a black and white one, I say yes!!! She says oh he was just right here meowing, I fed him tuna and then we went on his way.  Somewhat relieved I thank her and we continue on not before 2 minutes later a guys says are you looking for a black and white cat and I say yes and he says hes right here.  I jump with joy and thank him a bunch and he says no worries, I just gave him some tuna and water.

So we get back home and here I am having wasted a day all stressed out about the missing cat and what happened, he gets home without a care in the world and a belly full of tuna.

It made me re think how I acted all day, spending my day cranky and stressed out did nothing for me except make those around annoyed and frustrated with me and made me be more cranky.  Did I really need a cat to remind me we are in control of our attitude and being stressed out does nothing to solve a problem?  Apparently I did!

He is now back home with his friends…


3 responses to “I Needed My Cat to Teach Me Not to Stress…

  • Jessica

    I have been there before except it wasn’t my cat that was lost it was my suitcase. The only thing we really have control of is our attitude so we might as well make it the best we can. Good job cat for teaching you a lesson.

    My dogs taught me a lesson today…it was to not leave leftover pizza in the box on the counter (they ate half a freaking x-large pizza while I was in the shower).

  • jessplassmeyer

    haha thats so funny! my dog is little but if you leave ANYTHING within jumping range its gone! And the cats are getting just as bad…they took raw chicken I was defrosting off the counter! Ohhh pets!

  • Jessica

    Just wait until the baby starts walking with food. The dog will go crazy then trying to steal his food.

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