Brand Yourself with a GREAT Title

So some of you might have noticed I have been changing the title of my blog like crazy…trying to find the title that was just perfect for me and a URL that was not taken.  So I have finally found it … Deadlines, Diapers, and Dior… now you might ask why that?  What does that mean?

Well first and foremost I have to thank my AMAZING friend Courtney Dolliver who spent weeks helping me come up with the perfect name and who listened to me ask a million questions a day about titles.  So thank you Court you’re the best (by the way she has a BA in Journalism with emphasis in Public Relations and does PR in the LA area – just saying if you’re looking for  great PR she’s your girl!)

Who I am is a career woman, a mother and quite honestly a dork! Deadlines focuses on my professional career and what I am all about, what I do, what I’ve done and what I can do for YOUR company.  I am extremely passionate about my industry and absolutely love the finance world.

Diapers is all about the angel in my life, I never felt love like I did the day I met him.  Being a mother has made my life what it is and at the same time challenges me in new ways everyday.  Trying to juggle career and a baby has made me only more focus on my dreams and what I want to accomplish.

Dior, well Dior is all about me, the more personal side of me.  It’s who I was before deadlines and diapers consumed my life and it’s who I still able at the end of the day when I sit down with my nice glass of wine!

Choosing a blog name, or brand name is probably the most important you will do in social media.  It will become what you are know by and what you stand by.  How did you chose your blog title?  Was it hard?  Did you change it?


6 responses to “Brand Yourself with a GREAT Title

  • Jessica

    It took me 4 tries before I found a blog title I liked. It does take a lot of thought and questioning what exactly you want your blog to be about before you find the right title. I like what you have now.

  • Asta Burrows

    I think it is a great name – and I can really relate to it, allthough in my case it would be something like “Deadlines, Nappies and Mulberry” but it doesn’t have the same ring to it! 🙂

  • Michael Lombardi

    Since millions of people have blogs, it’s certainly tough to come up with a name that will differentiate your blog from someone else’s. Someone may think, all mom blogs are the same… but of course if you’re a mommy blogger or a reader of them, you know that’s not the case.

    I remember thinking of a blog name and checking existing domain names, but I don’t remember how much thought I had to put into it. I did already have the name when I started the blog though. I don’t remember specifics, but I have the impression that I’ve gotten positive feedback from the name I chose.

  • jessplassmeyer

    Michael – I agree I think many people think all mommy bloggers are the same but they are all are very different so coming up with a title that is catchy can be tricky! You are lucky having your name before the blog!! Thanks for the feedback 🙂

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