Traveling with a Baby Part 2

Do you remember those screaming kids on the place?  You listen to them cry as you quietly think to yourself, why don’t their parents make them stop crying.  I have spent many flights irritated because I was listening to crying babies, didn’t the parents realize I was trying to sleep, or trying to do homework?  Well fast forward a couple years and here I am about board a four hour flight with an 11 week old…

Instantly fear starts to kick in … oh man I am going to be one of the those parents with a screaming baby on the plane while everyone around me gives me that, “make your baby stop crying” look.  My poor baby is exhausted and hungry because I franticly raced around the airport trying to keep him awake so he would sleep on the flight and be hungry for takeoff. 

I didn’t buy an extra ticket for him because of course my thinking was the flight won’t be full!  Well as we board the plane they kindly inform us that every seat is taken. I still don’t believe them so I lay my baby in the middle seat so he can “stretch out” (at least that’s what I tell the flight attendants they keeping telling me I need to put him on my lap) and don’t make eye contact with the passengers boarding, so they all pass me thinking I have the system beat and an extra seat, wrong! Last person on the plane needs a seat; well he should thank me because he ended up with an aisle seat in the fifth row! So a four hour flight in a tiny crammed seat with an infant on my lap should be interesting. 

Take-off time, baby willingly sucks away on the bottle, we are the air, in the clear.  Baby falls asleep, no peep from him, not even a fake little cry.  Landing time and he is still counting sheep. Ahhh can this be true, a four hour flight and no tears, no open eyes?! First flight to the Midwest is put in the books as a huge success (well besides the fact I was crammed in a tiny seat in a stuffy hot airplane).

Now I look at parents with babies on the plane in a whole different light, I understand that look in their eye as their children is crying.  So to everyone out there giving that evil “please make your child stop crying” look buy a ticket on a first class flight!


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