Traveling with a Baby Part 1

Traveling with a baby.  Sounds easy right?  HAHA You are kidding yourself if you think that.  I am about to take my 11 week old baby on a four hour flight to visit family, when I booked the tickets I did not know what I was signing up for! I decide to carry the baby in my lap so I don’t have to pay for an extra ticket so that means dad gets two bags, mom gets two bags, baby gets a car seat and stroller. Five days of stuff, that many bags, no problem.  Oh wait one problem the baby requires A LOT of stuff.

So I pack lightly (which means one large suitcase), dad packs one suitcase, baby packs one suitcase. Perfect we are packed and ready to go with a bag to spare.  Oh wait…diapers? Bottles? Formula? Blankets? Bath Stuff? Burp cloths? Diaper bag? Okay suitcase #4 here we come…after piling all that stuff in the last suitcase I think we are complete…Oh wait, we have to double check the diaper bag, only 3 oz liquids are allowed.  Does that mean he can’t have his 4oz bottle?

My head is spinning, this was supposed to be a vacation. So here is what I learned about flying with a baby…

  • Yes you can have a 4oz bottle pre made
  • No you cannot bring a water bottle to make more bottles you have to buy one
  • You can check a carseat and stoller even if you don’t buy a ticket for the baby
  • When you check in and pick 3 bags (because of the car seat and stroller) and it says its going to charge you they will not.
  • You cannot have your baby in backpack carrier during landing or takeoff
  • You will have A LOT of bags
  • Yes everyone is staring at you with your 8 bags
  • Yes your baby has to take their super cute Uggs off going through security (they might be explosive)

We leave tomorrow, wish me luck… I will let you all know how it goes!


3 responses to “Traveling with a Baby Part 1

  • Jessica D Torres

    I have never had to fly anywhere with my kids but I know that just packing for a 2 day trip to Sacramento is a pain. It takes at least 2 suitcases, a diaper bag, and a backpack to fit our stuff just for a weekend. I can’t imagine trying to fly. Good luck on your vacation.

  • Tiffany Brown

    Wow I have three flights coming up this summer and I’m scared to death to travel, so thanks for the info! Meanwhile, I ran into my neighbors the other day who just got back from Philadelphia with infant twins. I think they deserve a medal.

  • jessplassmeyer

    Jessica – I cant believe how much stuff one little guy can have!! When we go to sac to visit my parents, the entire Tahoe is full, its insane!!!

    Tiffany – Where are you flying? I can not imagine flying with twins, one is crazy enough, I am unsure if this “vacation” will really be a vacation!!

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