Does Twitter Really Work?

Since I joined Twitter about a month ago I have been very apprehensive about it, not sure it really worked.  I mean are people REALLY listening and reading my tweets?  Well I found out the answer to that first hand…

I recently moved and Charter Communications told me they had to come out and reconnect my internet and cable for it to work.  So I was proactive and called them about 5 days before I needed it hooked up… needless to say they told me they had nothing available for the upcoming weekend, so I ask if they had something available during the week between 3-5pm.  And guess what they told me … the latest we are in your area is 1pm… umm excuse me Charter don’t you think your customers work so they can afford the ridiculous price of cable and internet?

I scheduled the next available appointment which meant ten days without internet (tell me how that was going to be okay, I am a full time MBA student!), so I was very unhappy and expressed that to the customer service representative on the phone and said well maybe I will switch to AT&T U-Verse and her response was okay. OKAY?!?! You are just going to let me switch to another cable company?

So I took it to Twitter …

I tweeted about how they representative was going to let me switch companies without a care and how I would not have internet for 10 days.  To my surprise I received a DM very quickly asking for my account information, they followed up and said they would get back to me shortly.  That was Tuesday.  Thursday rolls around … still no internet.  So I go back to Twitter and tweeted that I am going to switch companies.  At this point 4-5 other people are involved in my tweets talking about poor service from Charter.  After all the involvement of others I finally get a phone call Friday morning and Charter tells me they will have someone out at my house in a few hours. 

So does Twitter work?  Yes!  It made me realize that companies really need to look at social media because my simple complaint about Charter turned into a conversation with 5 other people who complained of poor service.  People are talking about you, do you want it to be good or bad?


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