I’m Going to Bed and… There are Dishes in the Sink

I am going to bed and there are dishes in the sink, that is never a sentence I thought I would say.  Everyone told me when you become a mother your priorities change, houses become messy, laundry get piled up and you WILL go to bed when there are still dishes in the sink.  I laughed everyone off and thought no way, that is so not me, I always get the laundry done, the house picked up and most of all I never went to bed if there was dishes in the sink.

Even days after bringing my newborn home and having had major surgery from delivering him c-section I was up doing laundry and cleaning the room.  I got in trouble by my doctor and scolded by those around me for trying to clean when I was supposed to be in bed or spending time with my baby, but I kept telling everyone you don’t understand I HAVE to clean the house!!

The first week back to school was rough, I found that I got tired more often and the cleaning of the house slowly started to take a seat on the back burner.  By the time I started back at work the following week I noticed the laundry piling up and things staying scattered around the house.  A week back into work and school fulltime I woke up one morning and realized I went to bed with dishes in the sink.

It made me start to think that as your life changes you change with it, the things that used to seem so important no longer matter as much.  As your time starts getting filled with more things you have to learn to prioritize.  I decided that after working all day and going to school all night the rest of my evening will be spend enjoying the sweet smile of my son.  And those weekends that were once filled with laundry and cleaning are now filled with watching my son grow and learn to laugh and hold his head up. 

So for all those busy moms out there, know its okay to let the laundry pile, the dust bunnies become frequent visitors, and the dishes stay in the sink because all those things will wait until tomorrow but watching your child grow will be gone way too fast and you can’t get that back.  So be assured one mom to another tonight I am going to bed and there are dishes in my sink!

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2 responses to “I’m Going to Bed and… There are Dishes in the Sink

  • Jessica D Torres

    My biggest pet peeve is dishes in the sink so I rarely go to bed without the dishes being done. However, I have no problem with clean clothes thrown in the laundry basket because I didn’t have time to fold and put them away. Or toys on the floor or the kitchen counters being messy. It is important as a mom to find balance in our days, especially when working and going to school. It is also important to ask others for help when we need it.

  • jessplassmeyer

    I agree, learning to ask for help when you need it is something moms really need to do, because sometimes you just can’t do it all!!

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