Sometimes Change is a Good Thing

I’ve learned as you go through you often change and as you change so do your goals and dreams. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a CFO. I have spent my time and energy climbing the ladder of leadership so I can someday reach my goal.

The other day I began to think about my life and realized I still want to be a CFO but the ladder I am now going to climb to get there is a different one. For 8 weeks ago I had another dream come true… I became a mother to a beautiful baby boy.

As I continue the journey of my life I now have the joy of newborn which has changed the way I can accomplish my dreams. So as people change and goals and dreams change I am making a change…

I am going to focus my brand on the reality of my life right now. Being a mom and still being able to do it all. Be a hands on mother. Have a career. Obtained a masters degree. My goal is to help mothers out there realize they can still have their own dreams and be a great mother. So enjoy the ride with me that I am about to take!!


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