Effective Communication

Yes I watched football again today, what can I say I am a diehard football fan! During the season you see 17 weeks of regular season games, and through the season you see how coaches take different approaches to try a create the next Super bowl champions.

Two of my favorite coaches to watch are head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Jim Caldwell and head coach of the New England Patriots, Bill Belichick.  Both of these coaches produce constant winning teams, teams you know you can count on to bring you a good game, but when you look behind the scenes it’s the way the coaches communicate that I think makes these teams so interesting to watch.

They are both soft spoken coaches that show no emotion during the game, yet they have earned the respect of those they are coaching.  They never make a scene when a call doesn’t go their way, you never see them bad mouthing the other team, or yelling at their players when they make a mistake.

I have also seen this in the work place; I worked for a manager who would yell and scream when someone made a mistake.  They made them look like they were an idiot and stupid, let me just tell you this created extreme unhappiness in the workplace and made people almost afraid to ever speak up because if they did they made be yelled at.  After leaving that company I came across a manager who had the most effective communication I have seen, and because of that I never felt afraid to offer my opinion or terrified when I made a mistake.

This I think is such an important trait for a leader to have.  They need to be able to communicate with those they are managing.  When a manager comes at a group or individual yelling and screaming it’s natural to tune that individual out and felt resentment towards them.  When an individual is yelled at they often feel like they are being attacked and when that happens it can lead to low confidence and even lower morale.

A leader needs to find a way to gain respect from those around them and they can do that by communicating in an effective and consistent manner.  You need to understand that those around you are individuals and if you become a “players coach” meaning treat those you manage as you know what its like to be in their shoes you are going to earn respect.  Once you have the respect of those individuals they will listen and trust what you say.  Communication needs to go both ways, if you want others to listen to you, then you need to listen to them.

What are some examples of effective or non effective leaders you have experienced?  Share your thoughts!

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2 responses to “Effective Communication

  • Alberto Galdamez

    I have had managers that even when they are wrong they will not admit it. They seem to think that because they are in charge they are always right regardless.

  • melissadeangelo

    I completely agree with you, Jessica! Effective communication is so important for employee morale. I once worked for a smaller organization where the CEO ruled by fear. This CEO would yell at employees and try to isolate them (by saying things like, “nobody here likes you”) in order to maintain control. Needless to say she was definitely not an effective leader. Turnover was extremely high and noone wanted to work for her, including me.

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