When you think leaders you think professionalism would follow quickly in the same sentence.  Up until recently I used to think it was a known fact, that in order to be a successful leader you have to display some professionalism.  This all changed when I experience extreme unprofessionalism in a recent apartment search incident.

My lease was getting ready to expire and I wanted to move from Reno to Sparks, so after many days of searching I found the perfect place.  And in the attempts to be proactive I filled out all my paperwork, provided all the documentation two months before my desired move date.  I explained to the complex that I did not want to be rushing to find somewhere to move days before my lease was up, so that is why I was start my search so early.

I did not hear back from them within the next month, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt because it was holiday season and I was busy so I understood they were not only busy but most likely understaffed.  When week 5 rolled around I called them to follow up only to find out they had not even started my application process yet. As each week passed I felt I was calling them and checking up on them at almost a daily rate and always getting the same respond, oh we will get the process finished tomorrow and get back to you.  Tomorrow would come and no phone calls from the complex. 

When it came down to two weeks prior to my move date I asked to speak to a manager because at this point I was beyond frustrated.  I always would get the manager is at another property, the manager is at lunch, the manager stepped out real quick to run an errand, always an excuse.  After a week of calling multiple times a day and leaving messages for the manager I got nothing back.  Here I am telling you I am going to give you $1400 a month for the next year and you’re not returning my call!

Finally the manager had the nerve to call me TWO DAYS before I was supposed to move in and tell me they needed one more piece of documentation before they could approve my application, TWO DAYS!! I laughed and told I had found somewhere else to live.  I took the incident to his supervisor and same thing… no response.

It made me wonder when did professionalism not become a requirement in a manager?  When did it become okay to treat customers as they don’t matter and they are an inconvenience to you?  I strongly believe to become a successful leader and climb high up the ladder of leadership you must learn what professionalism is and how to constantly display it.

Has anyone ever had anything like this happen to them?  Let me know your thoughts!

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