Self Happiness

In order to be a strong and successful leader you must earn the respect of those around you.  There are many steps in earning that respect but from my experience I have learned that leaders that are happy in their own life are the more successful leaders.  When you are happy in your own life you create a positive atmosphere, which is a stepping stone to creating a thriving leader.

So my question to those who are leaders or are determined to become leaders…Are you happy with your life?  How can you expect others to look up to you and follow your leadership if it is evident that you are not happy in your own life?  So many of us believe that if we follow the steps of life society has created for us that we will be “happy.”  The truth is that thought process is completely wrong. 

So how do you create self happiness so you can start to climb the ladder of leadership?  One must create happiness in their life, and if you are not happy you must look at your life and determine what the core of the unhappiness might be.  Once you figure out what the real issue of your unhappiness is the next step is taking responsibility and control.  You have to realize you are the only one in the control of making the changes, and step up and make those changes.

Once you figure out how to become content with your own life you will see that optimistic attitude rub off on those around you; the ones you are leading.  As a leader when you promote self happiness, office happiness will follow, and when individuals are content then morale is higher.  With higher morale will come more productivity and elevated results; showing the relationship of self happiness and superior results.  I think Step 1 of becoming a good leader starts with yourself and ensuring you are happy.

What do you think? Let me know!


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