My Goal

Welcome to my blog! My name is Jessica Plassmeyer.  I am beginning the blogging realm in order to help enhance my personal brand and discover more about myself and try to help others do the same along my journey. 

My career dream is someday be a CFO of a company I have strong passion for and in order to achieve this dream I must become a great leader.  In order to do thatI must learn what it takes to become the great leader I strive to be. 

I have 10 years work experience, my job titles have focused mostly on accounting and customer service but while completing those duties I have worked in industry from investigation, repossession, rental cars to construction.

Am I a manager?  No.  Am I a business owner?  No.  Am I a professional writer?  No.  Am I a leadership expert?  No.  But I am an individual who has seen and worked for many different types of leaders.  I am taking my experiences and putting them together to create a leader I believe will be successful, traits I personally will try to achieve, traits I believe will someday help me become a CFO.

My goal with this blog is to take everything I have seen and experience through the leaders I have worked for and compose of characteristics and traits it takes to become a successful positive leader.  If you are seeking to become a leader or are already a leader I hope that these tips will help you.

I invite all of you to read my blogs and give me any feedback you may have! I hope along my journey I can help both you and I to become more successful leaders!

Happy blogging!

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